Golubeva Rokina Glass design studio.

We, Vera Golubeva and Julia Rokina are artists from St. Petersburg, Russia.

We create objects from glass, experimenting with different combinations: glass with coarse metal, porous concrete or ceramics.
This is how we explore the relationship between man and nature, man and city, modern society and the environment.
Even if we have the idea of a future object, we understand that the project will be implemented when space, time and emotions intersect will be at the right point. The project becomes valuable to us when the viewer experiences emotions, next to our art object. Then we feel that work lives on. The work is sincere and poetic – deep, when a connection is found between random and unpredictable things.

In projects, we avoid open, screaming images. And we give preference to simple forms, complex subtexts and symbols. We are looking for a balance between the personal meaning that we invest in each work and the versatility of the viewer’s views. We give the viewer the opportunity to independently read images, relying on his personal experience.

In creativity, we follow intuition and are faithful to aesthetic preferences formed by classical education. It is important for us to stop the moment, capture the mood of an object, reveal the feeling of the landscape and people, use to the maximum the possibilities of the material, be it paint, pencil, piece of glass.
Timeless minimalist design runs the thread through our projects.

In our works, we follow the classic forms of working with glass and use non-standard approaches. For example, add dry mixtures and bulk materials to the glass mass, and also play with the finishing of the glass. We work in the kiln glass technique, which allows you to achieve color depth, find a balance of the shape of the object and its content. It seems to us that even a powerful, heavy piece of glass has a thin energy emanating from the inside.